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HELP! Am I really that “off-putting” and horrible?

A few weeks ago Kristen Lamb, who I follow, wrote a blog entry entitled: 8 Tips to Make Sure Everyone on Twitter Hates Us. I was intrigued because Twitter and I, we just aren’t gelling.

So, I read her advice and thought I would drop her a line asking for a little one-on-one assistance.

Kristen, Love the blog and particularly this post. I’ve been trying to get people to follow me on Twitter but I’m having a hell of a time. I Tweet links to my blog (which I think is funny and informative – maybe it isn’t?), I make funny comments about news and other items I see on Twitter. I try not to be offensive or too edgy, just (hopefully) funny and sarcastic. What do I get? Crickets. There are also a few Twitter accounts I follow and I would love them to follow me. They seem like funny, witty people. I try to engage them in social interaction. Silence. Like you said, I thought Twitter was a tool to be social with other people. Instead, these people just want to be social with people they already know and see every day. I don’t get it? Is it me? Am I expecting too much? Am I that unlovable? Do I suck that bad? Please help!
Manure Gurl

This was Kristen’s helpful advice back:

This is where hashtags help. It’s like communities or groups where people chat. #MyWANA is a good place to start. Also try hashtags of favorite shows or hobbies. Look for ones where people are actually TALKING and that will take trial and error.

I also received this response:

Do what Kristin (sp) suggests, but here’s something to add to the list…and please don’t take it the wrong way: re-visit your decision to identify yourself as “manuregurl.” I don’t know if you’re a farmer, daughter of a farmer, and don’t want to offend farmers in general, but it’s an off-putting moniker, to say the least. It’s about as appealing as naming yourself “Sh*thead”, but more importantly, it sends a message that you don’t take yourself or your blog seriously. And if *you* don’t take yourself seriously, why should an anonymous reader/Twitterer/blogger/potential agent or publisher? -Just a thought. And FWIW, I’ll follow you and your blog – promise. 🙂 Best from Nashville.

So, after I read that, I promptly took it the wrong way. What didn’t help was The Genius agreed with this person – he too thought my name was “off-putting.” I cried, wailed, pulled out my hair and ground my teeth into mere stubs. A few days later, I came up for air.

Is a Twitter handle like Manure Gurl really like calling yourself Shithead? I don’t think so. But maybe there’s something wrong with the way that I think. After all, I’m the one who originally picked the name.

As for the not taking myself too seriously comment – guilty as charged. I don’t take myself too seriously. I currently take three pills a day to ensure I don’t. I used to take myself and my life and everything going round and round in my head too seriously. I’ve been down that path and I have the mental and physical scars to show for it. Once in awhile, I rebound and it isn’t pretty to see. But I don’t think that should stop someone from reading and enjoying my writing. At least, I hope it doesn’t.

So I would like to know – do you consider my Twitter and Blog name off putting? Am I a shithead? Do you feel that’s why I don’t have many people following me or reading my Blog? What do you think I could do to make it better? How do I get more followers and readers? Should I start all over from scratch with a name like Bubbles R Gr8 or Happy!Happy!Joy!Joy! ?

Please be honest. I know there aren’t many of you out there who follow or read my blog but maybe you could ask some of your friends or fellow Twits and bloggers. I’d like to get this right, if I can. As I stated once before, I’d like to make this a success because I don’t have a lot of successful things of my own in my life – at least, nothing I am actually capable of seeing.