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Thanks for the Meme-ories

I LOVE making memes, defined as an idea, style or action which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet. An Internet meme can take any form, including an image or picture. It may just be a word or phrase. They spread via social networks (such as Facebook), blogs, email or other Internet sources.

A perfect example would be Grumpy Cat.


Or the popular Jean-Luc Picard meme.


Unfortunately, my memes don’t spread, most likely because I’m a lame ass or they involve obscure subject matter, such as Doc Martin, which may be watched by more than seven million people across the UK and more in North America, but not by people who are into memes.

You know what? I really don’t care. They make me smile and, if the people who actually watched Doc Martin ever saw them, they just might smile as well.

These are a few of my favourites, which feature the comic genius of PC Joseph Penhale, as portrayed by British thespian John Marquez.

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I also have a certain fondness for The Walking Dead.


And of course Dr. Spencer Reid – aka Matthew Gray Gubler – from Criminal Minds.

Spencer Meme


If you’re interested in making your own memes, I highly recommend the meme generator Imgflip, which even has some of the more popular meme templates, such as “One does not merely …”, “I don’t always …”, “Brace yourselves”, and, of course, Grumpy Cat. Have fun and make some of your own meme-ories.